Standout hip hop newcomer Soul P. is gearing up for the follow-up album to his breakthrough debut, The Premiere.

Due for release early this summer, Soul P. says his next album, to be titled The King’s Empire, will be driven with a lot of emotion and honesty. There will be a piece of me delivered to all of those who listen to this record that I hope will be inspirational. Signed to general market label, Liquid Assets Records, Soul P. also hopes being in a scene where there is not a lot of light, [he] can do [his] best by God’s grace to be that light, and have an impact on a wider audience.

The Premiere, which was released in December 2006, received rave reviews and ranked in the Top 10 for R&B/Hip Hop sales for 10 weeks on the CMTA Nielsen SoundScan chart. In, Gordon Ely wrote: This stunning debut reveals a top-tier hip-hop artist, already both a master and innovator of his genre . . . Strong stuff and a whale of a ride start-to-finish. said: One of the rare explicitly religious hip-hop artists who potentially has a mainstream career waiting for him whenever he wants it. (See more online reviews below)

Soul P.’s latest video, “Goodness,” featuring Lisa Kimmey of Out Of Eden (see video below), recently topped the Gospel Music Channel (GMC) for 5 weeks and is now #2 behind Kirk Franklin. His debut video, “Whoa Whoa!,” was also #1 on GMC in March 2007. He is releasing a mixtape this month through Liquid Assets Records, hosted by four 95.5FM DJs featuring twenty new, original songs, and he is featured on the album, The Presentation, by Six, also due for release this summer.

Soul P. grew up in rough neighborhoods, began taking and selling drugs at an early age, was involved with gangs, and was in and out of jail as a teenager. He was able to leave that life behind when he became a Christian, and now brings a powerful message of redemption in a language and sound that has street appeal. (Watch Soul P. share his testimony above, or click here)

Online Reviews: [TopPick] The Premiere is a stirring project that not only deals with hard-hitting social issues of inner-city life, but also offers hope of redemption and happiness through Christ. Soul P. displays his rapping expertise to prove himself as a standout new artist. The beats and rhymes are top-notch, and the lyrics have some depth, making The Premiere a solid national debut. Soul P. goes a long way in establishing credibility in Christian hip-hop with first-rate production and a meaningful testimony. With his signature deep lyrics and authentic perspective, fearlessly casting his eye on the social issues of our day, even questioning the motives of some other artists . . . Soul P holds nothing back on The Premiere. The lyrics ring with honesty and an openness . . . Definitely a legitimate “premiere” and a good foot forward. This is an impressive release… The Premier is an album that will please many, and with the right push, will bring life into the rap game . . . be the talk of 2007. Soul P really makes The Premiere a memorable project . . . I definitely recommend picking up this project. The Premier lives up to great expectations and delivers a solid introduction for the wider world to Soul P.