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Review – Willie Will – God’s Will

Review – Willie Will – God’s Will

Sometimes an album comes on the scene that weighs heavy on the mind. Back when I listened to secular hip hop, A Tribe Called Quest's Low End Theory, The Root's Illeldephah, and Outkast's Aquimini were all albums that stayed in the player a long time because of the amount of heavy content.  While Willie Will is a solo artist, he is still manages to pack this CD with substantial content.  One thing you will notice about this CD is that either Willie Will is a prodigy or he has spent long hours writing these lryics. This guy is nice with the
rhymes.  I was impressed at how he was able use understandable words in a way that sounds complex.

A former BeatMart heavy hitter, Willie Will is now on his own releasing his new CD God's Will. It is chocked full of a great mix of east-coast driven flow and soulful sample heavy production. This album starts out with 'God's Will', a declaration that tells us it is by God's Will that this emcee is not done. It has a wonderful youtube video that gives you a great feel for this brother.  Willie's flow has a street edginess to it. He lays it aside for some hype Ante Upped tracks 'High Octane' & 'Ready". Then he cranks out 'Rock Tonight', a real smooth song that will appeal to the grown-and set free HHH crowd. This is where Will spits about the immaturity of the state of hip hop.

Check Check One, One Two three/ dez cats they rap and act goofy/ in fact they rap is wack to me// they yap about about clapping uzzis/ they pack gats and pass crack to new fiends/snapback and laugh at the Jew King/ …. you gotta do better to fool me/

This album God's Will, has a very wide range of sounds. I mean, with 21 tracks, you gotta bring everything.  Will gives it to the listener anyway they want it. West Coast, East Coast, fast or slow flow which shows his range of versilty.  This variety is due to the strong production on this album. We can all thank Team Green Production, Real Production, Riggs, Soul Theory Production and Illoquint.  All you rappers out there look out for these production power houses. Also, their are quite a few cameos from the likes of Jazz Digga, Tre, Advocate, JIG, Chamelon Sutton VellVett, Portia Monique and Sharp Skills. On a side note, take notice of the stellar verse from Sharp Skills.

One major thing about this album is that it's very personal. Check tracks like 'Man of Integrity' and 'Hold On', a fight on the sin within. 'Soldier' is a retaliation against Willie Will's worst enemy — HIMSELF. Then the soulful song 'Grace' which reminds you of a early 90ish KC & Jo Jo callabo. But the most hard hitting transparent track is 'Unborn Child'. You not only hear an emcee but a man who still hurts from a mistake he made in aborting his unborn baby. Yes ladies and gents this is Christian Hip Hop at it's finest. Check Willie Will as he spits.

At 21 I still needed a dad/ i had a son that needed his dad/when would I start being a dad/ I was child in a grown ups body/ungodly women know how to grow thats why they love momma/ I had a child and I was a child/when I heard I was having another child I started punking out/…….. I can only sit back and Cry/ My pain is hard to pasify/ because of MY selfiness my baby had to die

Being a open book so to speak, Will expains throughout this album his mistakes. On a personal level this CD speaks volume. Will should be comanded on his openiness in a Godly manner.

Wrapping up, this is a great solid buy for anyone. Will's message is Repentance, Reconciliation, and his personal testiments of where Jesus has brought him from. Tip your hat to this brother, we should rejoice that he is on our team. This album has a great balance of God's Truth and God's Will for his life. It is a solid project that will stay in your Ipod for as long as God Will's.

Release Date: March 2008

Record Label:  Indie

Track Listing
1. God's Will
2. High Octane
3. Back 2 The Streets
4. Stay Ready
5. Rock Tonight
6. Better Than This – featuring Tre and Advocate
7. East 2 West
8. Genuine Life – featuring JIG and Chameion Sutton
9. All In Favor – featuring Sharp Skills and Vellvett
10. Grace – featuring Portia Monique
11. Hold On
12. Goin' 4 Mine
13. Soldier
14. Childish – featuring Jazz Digga
15. Still Shinin'
16. The Race
17. Lovin' Life – featuring Jazz Digga
18. Man Of Integrity
19. Round & Round – featuring Jazz Digga
20. Unborn Child – featuring Portia Monique
21. Do U Believe?


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