Review – Washington Projects – Commanders Of The Resistance

 The Washington Projects - Commanders of the Resistance

Rachel and Jekob Washington(along with brother Josh), were known as the Souljahz where they generated a lot of buzz. Difficulties abounded with the group fighting hard to be released from their record label. Now they are free from those label issues and minus Josh and they are now known as the Washington Projects. They are back with “Commanders of the Resistance”.  

The album cannot be described as an all “Hip Hop” album where they rap throughout the whole project. They mix Hip Hop, Urban, pop with a hint of alternative. “Diamonds” is a fast-paced dance track with Rachel aka Rachie Cakes speaking on behalf of all Christian woman demanding that men respect them as the gems that God made them and not just “eye candy”. The message is not overtly obvious, but take one careful listen and then it speaks loudly. Black Jeruz lays down a nice synth-heavy track on “Take It To The Street” where Jekob spits a nice rhyme about how they are going take their “clean” music to the masses.

WP has songs that speak to the way people use their time and how one can use their life to help others. “Outside Your Window” is one of those gems that has urban alternative style with a message of reaching out to help the hurting and poor. “Time” is another danceable jam where Jekob and Rachel stress the idea of using the time given people wisely. They both rap and sing throughout this one and they both stress that they will use their time living for Christ.  

The duo sings to God in worship and repentance on the midtempo banger, “You Are My World” and Jekob speaks candidly on the “all too short” interlude, “Deliverance”. “Love Is Like An Ocean” is off course a simile that encourages people to seek the deep love of Christ, love oneself and then they will be ready for a wife or husband.  

“She Cant Love You Like I Do” is a pretty good song, but it sounds like any other mainstream song and it doesn’t fit on the rest of the project. Kajmir produces the biggest banger(production wise), “Love” where Jekob sings to his wife.  

If you are looking for an album where they preach constantly and say Jesus (which I love also), than this may not be the album for you. “Commanders of the Resistance” is an album with a message where they praise God, deal with real life issues like relationships and wrong perceptions of women. They may not be the best lyricists in terms of flow, but they excel when it comes to artistry. This album is worth buying and go ahead and buy a copy for someone else also. 

Release Date: 2008

Record Label:  B&W Label Group (Indie)

Track Listing
1. Move
2. Diamonds
3. Take It to the Streets
4. You Are My World
5. Love Is Like an Ocean
6. She Can't Love You
7. Zephyr Wings
8. (Interlude) Deliverance
9. Crazy
10. Time
11. Outside Your Window
12. I Will Stay With You
13. You Talk Too Much
14. That Girl
15. If I Can't Have You
16. (Outro) Tired of Livin


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