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While many of have been mourning the recent demise of the excellent Procussions crew, a new collective with a similar nickname has come to the forefront and provided a worthy alternative for those needing their “Pros” fix.

Allow me to introduce you to The Prophetionals.  

Hailing from the Buckeye State, this three man MC team (sound familiar?) offers up artsy, intelligent, college-rap that reminds listeners just how much fun it can be to listen to quality hip hop. Add the group’s solid Christ devotion to the mix and Jesus-loving backpackers everywhere can celebrate this sweet substitution.

As the name implies, Elisha, Mark the Prophetional, and SWORD aim to master their craft. And for the most part, they succeed. Each MC knows how to flow. They hit their punctuations and punch lines quickly and cleanly, thereby giving the listener equal opportunity to nod his head both in time to the track and in agreement.

Most songs maintain a healthy balance of lyrical playfulness/prowess and Good News content. Take the track “O-H-I-O” for example. Even though the theme is obviously homestate pride, they still incorporate their love of God into the hook – exhorting the audience to “raise their hands high” for the Most High. And like the Procussions, they’re not afraid to tackle problematic social issues such as the lack of fraternal role models or to authentically admit the realistic monotony of adult work life.

Sonically, Mark the Prophetional tackles the production duties and creates sounds reminiscent of a K-otix-era the ARE. He and his team know how to ride rhythms like The Legendary K O as well and influences from Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and De La Soul can also be identified. They even throw in a dope spoken word piece for poetry slam fans on the other side of the headphones.  

Shortfalls occur on the occasional track where a loop becomes repetitive (“Happy Trails Session”) or could use more layers to provide depth (“Free Indeed”).

Even still, church going Procussion-grieving fans should take heart; these bookstore boys can fill the void. 

Release Date: 2008

Record Label: Indie

Track Listing
1. Intro to the Pro
2. Hands High
3. Preach
4. Them Brothers
5. Happy Trails
6. Free Indeed
7. Til The Rhythm Is Gone
8. Strange People
9. Rockin’ (Real Emcees)
10. O-H-I-O
11. Way Truth Life Interlude
12. Been There
13. Father Father
14. Reminisce
15. To God
16. Good Music
17. We Get Love (We Give Love)
18. Follow Me


Written by Rapzilla

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