Holy Culture Record Pool

The HCR family of websites is pleased to announce an exciting new service available to professional DJs and media outlets who promote Christian Hip Hop and R&P music. The Holy Culture Record Pool is a resource for indie artists and record labels. Subscribers to the pool will have access to the newest Christian Hip Hop, R&P, and Electronica recordings and will be able to break these releases to the masses.

A record pool is a method of music distribution that allows DJs to receive promotional music to play on media outlets such as AM/FM radio, internet radio, satellite radio, podcasts, Christian cafe’s, concert venues, etc. Indie artists and record labels send their newest releases to the pool, and in exchange, the pool “breaks” the music, and provides valuable feedback on them.

To join the record pool you must first fill out the online application found on the site. HCRP encourages you to carefully read the requirements to join the pool because they are strictly enforced. Also, HCRP welcomes any record labels and artists in this particular genre who would like to contribute to the pool. We encourage you to visit the site for the reasons why a record pool could benefit your promotional methods.

For more information, visit the record pool’s web site – holyculturerecordpool.com


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