FLAME has recently released his new album "Our World Redeemed" on March 4th 2008.
I was eager to see the new Soundscan sales chart to see how well the album sold, which I knew would do a good debut.  The sales chart for Christian Hip Hop for the week ending March 9th was released Wednesday (yes, it takes time for Soundscan to gather all the numbers), well today Rapzilla just updated the TOP 20 Sales Chart page and FLAME debuts at the #1 spot!

This morning Rapzilla received a press release from FLAME's Public Relations firm.  Expecting to see the title "Flame Our World Redeemed debuts at #1", instead the news release was titled "FLAME's Our World Redeemed Goes #1!", okay that's still similiar right?

 Wrong! If you read the news release it says: "The critically acclaimed album jumped an amazing 41 chart positions in one week to hit the #1 position in its second week on the CMTA R&B/Hip Hop Chart." That's great news but it would mean the album debuted at #42 and not #1 as the sales chart declared.  We went searching and found that on the previous sales chart (the Week ending March 2nd), before the album was ever released it was at the #42 spot. How is this so? Very simple some stores sold it before the release date (that's not fair indeed!) which allowed it to be on the sales chart early.

We asked the PR (Public Relations firm of FLAME) if their quote meant the album debuted at #42, their answer was simply: "It debuted at #42…" 

Want to know how many early copies were sold to bring it at #42 before the release date? 53, nothing to be proud of. 

This is really no big deal, FLAME really debuts in my books at #1 and not #42. This was a plain mistake, but who's mistake? The early buyers? The stores? Soundscan? The PR? That's up to you to decide.

By the way if you don't have the album, I recommend it:
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