The Buzz is building as 2 time Grammy Award Nominee “Fresh I.E.” has announced the release of his new album titled; “Lockjaw.” The new album, marks the first full length release since previously Grammy nominated CD, “Truth has Fallen in the Streez”, which hit stores in 2005.

The Canadian based Hip-Hop/Rap Artist had released a special Compilation CD titled, “The Warren Project” in May 2007, which headlined 07 tour dates. [“Lockjaw” features guest appearances by Artist’s: Tru Serva, Bubba B, Rob James, Drew Brown & Martine L. Kelsey]

Fresh I.E., who made Canadian History by becoming the first Hip-Hop/Rap Artist in Canada to receive a Nomination from the Grammy Awards, has toured Native Reserves, Inner City Communities, Festivals and Churches throughout Canada and in parts of the U.S. this past year. Fresh I.E.’s album, “The Warren Project”, was awarded Outstanding Christian Album of the Year at the 2007 Western Canadian Music Awards. Fresh I.E. also received Award Nominations at the 29th annual Covenant Awards for Urban, R&B, Soul Album of the Year and Rap / Hip-hop album of the year, a nomination from the Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards for Best Album by a non Aboriginal this past year.

Fresh I.E’s new album, “Lockjaw” is scheduled for U.S. Digital Release on March 4th courtesy of Highball Entertainment.

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