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In Our World Redeemed, FLAME throws an indispensable lifeline to everyone who at times finds themselves temporarily shifting their focus from the amazing reality that exists for children of the Most High God, and to all those currently enduring a patch of struggle in their Christian walk. He blesses listeners with an album full of unyielding lyrics over more than a dozen thumping tracks. And they all point to the fact that God, for His own glory, decided to preserve a remnant of our fallen race for Himself … in spite of our own wickedness. What a relief.

In this follow-up to Our World Fallen, FLAME is sure to make one fact clear: though Earth and its inhabitants are in dire straits because of sin and rebellion to God, a tremendous hope remains. This hope is in the Person of Jesus the Messiah, who was sent by the Father to satisfy His righteous wrath appropriately aimed at those who have sinned against their own Creator. This is the most blessed fact in the history of existence, but a natural question remains: does this album express such a Truth with the artistry necessary for a full-length music project?

I'll show you my hand: the answer is a gigantic "Yes"!!! From start to end, FLAME hooks fans up with a collection of excellent work in terms of beats, flow, delivery, mixing, and superb contributions by other passionate artists in the Christian hip hop world. Moreover, FLAME doesn't disappoint: he's at the top of his game with his signature impassioned delivery combined with lyrics that clarify the natural relevancy of the things of God. His diverse rhyme style combined with an array of tracks that exhude authentic St. Louis flavor will keep this CD in rotation for appreciative fans.

Our World Redeemed commences with a brilliantly-produced track of sounds and events from Our World Fallen. It reminds us of some of the effects of our fallen globe and the compassion Christians should strive to have for those lured into its web. The follow-through occurs as this CD slips into the next track, where Json and FLAME spit over a smooth Gospel music sound in "Funeral to Birthday," an innovative song that finds itself in the middle of the home-going services for the young dude whose expiration was captured during the first track. From there, Our World Redeemed takes off into tune after tune, catching the listener from every angle in a successful attempt to remind fans that Christ is truly all there is and that the world is passing away as we speak. Each song possesses inimitable attributes, but let's take a second to unpack a few.

"There's a party over one shorty that truly escapes / the wrath of the Father 'cause Abba has now given him grace." This is one of FLAME's energetic chants in "Go Back," a hype selection that captures the kind of joy redeemed folk should have in reflecting on our undeserved redemption. The track is well-produced and the song puts the focus on God's unmerited favor. This track prepares listeners for an album full of edifying enthuse for our miraculous condition as rescued vessels. Similarly, "On That Cross" offers a deeply reflective vibe that points to the wonder of redemption. The steady beat and accenting vocals help provoke awe in the work of Christ on the behalf of believers. And in "2nd Coming" (featuring shai linne) pure fire is spit as FLAME and shai deal with the impending return of Christ that all will witness in just a matter of time.

"Through Jesus' sacrifice the Father was satisfied / now He gives assurance to all those for whom He died // now you wonder why I would say something like that / I'll be right back / I'll be I'll be right back."
In addition to straightforwardly glorifying the Lord, Our World Redeemed serves as a tremendous encouragement to the people of God attempting to live for Christ in a fallen world. In "It's All Gon' Pass," FLAME, Iz-Real and Future drive home the reality that cats will literally lose all they'd worked for their entire lives when the Lord returns. It therefore dives into the futility of worldly living and boosts listeners' confidence in the Truth. In "See More Him," we find a plea to acquire eyes that see Christ's beauty and how utterly inferior the world's pleasures are in comparison. And in "It's You," we enjoy an fitting vignette designed to hearten believers who find themselves in a spiritual funk.

In sum, Our World Redeemed is a must-have for those in need of Truth and encouragement. FLAME and his supporting cast supply lively lyricism, the beats and production are diverse and professional, and the musical arrangement coaxes the album along to a victorious conclusion. Be sure to pick this up come March 4.








Overall Quality

Release Date: March 4 2008

Record Label: Cross Movement Records

Track Listing
01. Flash Back (Intro)

02. Funeral To Birthday featuring Json and Kenny Petty
03. Go Buck
04. Who Can Pluck Us
05. It's You featuring Robert "Don" Barham
06. Confession
07. Hold On
08. I Been Redeemed featuring Trip Lee
09. On That Cross
10. See More Him Intro
11. See More Him
12. Power In Your Name featuring Dawn Dia
13. Drama of Redemption
14. It's All Gon Pass featuring Future and Iz-Real
15. 2nd Coming featuring shai linne
16. Joyful Noise featuring Lecrae and John Reilly


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