The Sound Protest is the long-awaited and much-anticipated debut release from Motion Plus. Motion Plus has truly put together a very solid album.

ImageThis album features production from the “who’s who” list of Christian hip-hop producers. Tony Stone, Harry Krum (Deepspace 5), Theory Hazit (SI Crew), JustMe (SI Crew), Re:Flex the Architect (SI Crew), sirROCDOMZ (Redcloud, Man of War) all hold down the production on The Sound Protest.

While Motion Plus certainly does not need any help on the mic he gets plenty of support from some of the finest guest spots you’ll find. Motion Plus’s lyrics are clever and heartfelt, striking a nice balance of music you can vibe to as well as relate to. His styles and patterns are sure to have him placed among the top on your favorite MC list. Definitely make sure you pick this project up.

Not only will you be buying some of the best hip-hop around, but you’ll also feed starving children and help free slaves all around the world (literally!). Proceeds from this album go to,,, and

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