Blue Chip and Specialist of the Stellar Award nominated Righteous Riders are ready to detonate on April 15th, 2008 with their explosive new project “Ground Zero”.

On April 15th, 2008, the gospel rap game may never be the same again.  Boanerges (The Sons of Thunder), which consists of Blue Chip and Specialist of the Righteous Riders’ family, are ready to begin an enduring battle with the devil with their latest project, “GROUNDZero”.  With innovative production from fellow Righteous Rider L.O.G.I.C., along with the most ferocious rhymes you’ve ever heard from Christian emcees; Blue Chip and Specialist have set the standard high for hip-hop ministers worldwide.  This devastating duo has been working proficiently in the lab and they’re back with their first official project since 1999.  This much anticipated project has been simmering long enough and this spring listeners will be able to indulge in this gospel hip-hop delicacy.

You may remember the Louisville, Kentucky composers as premier emcees and singers in the Stellar Award nominated group- Righteous Riders.  After the release of the Riders’ sophomore CD, “Internal Affairs”, the group did some successful U.S. and European touring and had several appearances on BET and TBN.  Not only did they appear but BET also showcased their music videos as well as The Inspirational Network and The Word Network.  In addition, these seasoned veterans aren’t limited when it comes to experience, they’ve had the privilege of sharing the stage with well renowned artists such as Kirk Franklin, Corey Red, Michelle of Destiny’s Child, Missy Elliott and many more.  However, after much success, the Righteous Riders parted ways with their label Tyscot Records and with each other.  Although the group parted musically, Blue Chip and Specialist still consider the Righteous Riders family.  Blue Chip states, “Although we went in separate directions, we still cohesively work together time to time.  No matter what, we will be the Righteous Riders.  Righteous Riders didn’t just form a music group, they formed a family.”

The timing couldn’t be better for Blue Chip and Specialist to return as the group Boanerges, which they previously formed prior to becoming the Righteous Riders. The duo is certain their “GROUNDZero” project will be categorized as an instant gospel hip-hop classic. Specialist, with confidence and humor states, “I challenge anybody, any emcee, any radio announcer to find any other artist that can present the total package the way we do.  We keep it relevant and we smash, demolish and destroy everything we touch- and that is a guarantee!  We are the best and anybody whose hating…Yo Momma!”  Aside from the humor and wittiness Boanerges may display at times, the brilliance and passion this sensational duo is known for lyrically is captivating.  Most importantly, the group is very committed to keeping their music Christ centered.

With their cry loud and spare not attitude, these hip-hop ministers are not to be taken lightly.  Get ready to feel the earth tremble as these hard-hitting sons of thunder prepare to unleash “GROUNDZero”. Fore more info check out or