Lamp Mode Recordings is releasing The Atonement by shai linne on February 12th. The Atonement is shai’s follow up to his critically acclaimed The Solus Christus Project, released in 2005.

When asked about his new album, shai states, “The Atonement is a thematic lyrical presentation of the great saving work accomplished on the cross 2,000 years ago by Jesus Christ. Each song is an expression of either the necessity of, the event of, or the implications of The Atonement. That which the Bible refers to as “of first importance” gets center stage here. I may be your narrator, but the star of The Atonement is Jesus Christ… join us as we take a sonic journey into the very heart of the Christian faith.”

shai is set to be featured on Grammy-nominated Flame’s (Cross Movement Records) new album, Our World Redeemed, which releases March 4th of this year. He has also been featured on national releases with Paul Wright, Delirious, Seventh Day Slumber, Lecrae, Cross Movement and others.

Lamp Mode Recordings exists to “Highlight the character of God, while presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a biblical worldview, through hip-hop culture”.

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