Akron, Ohio native and prolific lyricist Parabols has joined forces with B4 Entertainment to release the much anticipated solo LP “The Awakening” in early 2008.  This talented rapper/producer’s debut national release will showcase carefully selected tracks that display his musical diverseness and creative rap abilities.

“The Awakening” will feature tracks such as What I Am, Hold On and the rap anthem Somebody Body. When interviewed about the purpose of the CD, Parabols responded, “The world has slept on this ‘good news music’ for long enough! This is message music and I believe it will not only entertain but also transcend beyond the church and penetrate the ears of listeners’ worldwide. I entitled it “The Awakening” because my hope is to awaken listeners through various tracks that deal with a variety of relevant issues. This project also embodies an assortment of addictive choruses, good solid production and I’m humbled by the intricate level of lyricism and word play- more importantly it is 100% kingdom music.”

In 1998 Frederick “Ricky B” Burchell founded B4 Entertainment alongside Terrance “4Given” Carlton to release not just their own music but operate as a vehicle to release other artists signed to the company. Ricky B. said “Parabols is a talented and humble artist who is especially gifted. He is an excellent rapper, a superior song writer, offers quality production skills and has a very positive and wholesome outlook on life. I believe he will be one of the hottest artists to emerge in recent years. I am amazed by his level of creativity and our goal at B4 Entertainment is to present Parabols to the world.”

In 2006, Parabols received great exposure after releasing a controversial radio single dealing with H.I.V. awareness, entitled “Pretty Jenkins”. With huge success on college radio, the song that told the story of an H.I.V. infected young man being purposely promiscuous was highly requested by students. Other issue related tracks recorded by Parabols include the drinking and driving track entitled- “Give Somebody the Keys” and “The Kids” which discusses the negative information being exposed to children.

Parabols has developed a loyal fan base nationally by touring and selling CD’s of his independent releases. He has also gained fans internationally who have discovered his music via the internet. “The Awakening” will be available early 2008 in stores nationwide and it will also be accessible online at websites such as www.gospeldgitial.com, www.b4entertainment.com and www.parobolsonline.com, where you can also find exclusive Parabols’ video clips and Parabols’ merchandise.