Mic Blu (also known as Mic B), a formidable vocalist, songwriter, and lyricist, is a youthful heart with with an old spirit. His blend of classic soul and newschool trends have garnered him recognition with gospel and secular fans alike.

He now carves out a niche for himself by way of his “Modern Hymns”, a sub-genre of Nureau (coined by label-mate and super-producer, Tonex). While he was very well known for his talents in highschool, Mic Blu made his official debut in 2003, with an EP entitled “I’ve Been Altared”, which was well accepted.

Now, Mic Blu delivers his sophomore and debut commercial release, “BLU: Love. Hate”. His intense love for music is evident in the new recording, as he uses his foundation of (and love for) formal classical training to intertwine a number of genres.

His desire to depict every facet of Ultimate Love is complimented by keen, heartfelt, and genuine lyrical content. Appropriately, the album will go live on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14, 2008) to a worldwide audience via MySpace/Snocap and Apple’s iTunes.