Dirt is a Man of the People. When he started making Music over ten years ago it was from an outpouring of his heart. Dirt says "the Overflow of My love for God and my culture of Hiphop came out in my music. Since then, I was blessed by YOU, the friends (fans) of my music."

ImageShadow of the Locust founder and Solomon Cain crew member Dirt returns to the scene to bring us his third full length album “Heavy Manners”.The album releases on January 28th, but you can already buy it digitally (such as Emusic and iTunes).  If you’ve been around for a minute then you will remember Dirt from his last albums “A War to Restore” and “Plague” or from his appearances on P.O.D.’s “Brown” and Syntax Records’ “Fashion Expo”. If you’re just getting your feet wet, expect an emcee who simply will not fake it for you. Dirt is a lyricist to the core- a mic ripping, grimy, envelope pusher. 

For more information about Dirt, please visit myspace.com/dirthiphop.

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