Braille “Counter Attack” feat. Theory Hazit and DJ Idull


Yo Dog, listen – I manhandle the rhythm /
If the beat was a man, this is cannibalism /
Raw animalistic, hard core ballistic /
I rip it like this cause the world is so sick and twisted /
Sadistic sickness, inflicted infliction /
Dangerous addiction, drugs with no prescription /
Love is missing, lust is living in us /
Dirty needles inject our veins till they bust /
Self-destruction, splitting your own wig back /
Temptation delivered in Trojan Horse gift wrap /
Don’t open it, evil spirits approach us /
To exterminate us all just like roaches /
I was born in the city of roses /
With the tame and ferocious, righteous and atrocious /
I wrote this, to say the world is not hopeless /
Fight back, counter attack and stay focused /
Counter attack with the melody, love all your enemies, this is the remedy /
Counter attack or fall back / fight fire with water, put the fire out /


Written by Rapzilla

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