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Braille getting ready to drop the IV Edition

Braille getting ready to drop the IV Edition
Photo by Philip Rood @ Flavor Fest 2007 Workshop

Rap artist and Hiphop IS Music mogul Braille Brizzy drops his forth album, The IV Edition, on April 15, 2008. While remaining under the Hiphop IS Music umbrella, Braille has partnered with strong companies all over the world to assure that the album gets the proper distribution and marketing that it needs.

Among the partners, Braille returns to his long-standing relationship with Syntax Records (Koch Distribution) for North America. Other partners include P-Vine (Japan), C-Vibes (Australia) and Fat City (U.K./Europe).

“When I make records, I put everything I have into them. I invested a lot of personal time and resources into this record. Once it was done I knew I couldn’t release it without a proper plan.” Braille says. ” It’s an honor to have such a strong team behind me and I’m excited to have great people working on my behalf in their local territories.”

“The IV Edition is very special to be a part of. Normally, you don’t get a second chance to work with such a talented artist whom you have known for years,” says Tim Trudeau, President of Syntax Records. “This is by far the best music Braille has ever made. The moment I heard the title track I felt like throwing furniture through windows I was so hyped.”

Braille has gained international success in the last decade, as both a solo recording artist and founding member of Lightheaded (with Othello and Ohmega Watts). Most recently, his highlights include dropping two solo albums (Shades of Grey in 2004 and Box of Rhymes in 2006), being named one of the “Next 100” by URB Magazine in 2005 and touring extensively across Japan, Europe and the U.S. (including 20 shows as the opening act for the late great James Brown).

“The IV Edition” features production and appearances from Marco Polo, Rob Swift, OhNo, Speech (of Arrested Development), DJ Spinna, 88 Keys, Kno (of CunninLynguists), S1 of Strange Fruit Project, Mr. J (of the Procussions) and many more.


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