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There are three things you must love to appreciate K-Drama’s Crunk Christmas Carols.  Well yea, you guessed the first two, Christmas and Crunk.  The third, however, is cheese.  Yes, you must like cheese.  No, you must love cheese; like a huge log of cheese or a small house made of cheese. This EP is cheese to the fullest degree. In fact, I would venture to say that even jolly St. Nick would have to put this EP on the cheesy list.

The K-Drama exclusive EP consists of 4 tracks I presume were produced by K-Drama himself.  Now, if you’re down with the crunk steelo, then you will welcome the 808 decked, high hat sprinkled, slow hit mixed with samples from your favorite Christmas carols.  I personally thought the beats were pretty jolly myself.  But, no surprises here.  It’s seriously just Christmas carols sampled over crunk rhythms.  The beats are mixed well and they bounce plenty enough.  In truth I have to give credit here because the samples actually work well to make a full beat.  Musically they sound better than I anticipated.  On the recording tip though, it sounds like K-Drama recorded this CD in a basement at the North Pole.  There is no compression on the vocals and they oscillate dramatically from low to high.  So if you like your Christmas crunk well engineered, beware.

The first track, “Joy to the World” is a mitten warming tribute to… well.. the real “Joy to the World” song.  This is nothing really different than what you would expect.  K-Drama drops some lyrics here, which edify, but thankfully he doesn’t take this project so sincerely that he tries to spit knowledge or push a serious subject.  In fact, the hook is joyfully simple:  “Joy to the world, the Lord has come, let earth receive her King/  I fogot the words to the song, so I’ma make it up as I go along/ La la la la la la la, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha/ My life is great since Christ entered my life (blah blah blah blah/ clap clap)” –that’s seriously what it says.

Track two “I’m Blessed (Hip Hop Christmas Song)” is more of a vocalist track featuring K-Drama’s wife aimed and mixing an actual Christmas song (Deck the Halls) into a beat.  Here K-Drama explains the meaning of Christmas and how we are blessed as Christians.  Track three “Good Boy (I’m Good Now)” is K-Drama drama telling a little story to some children about how he has changed his bad boy ways in life.  Somehow this song reminds me of a Saturday Night Live “Rap Street” skit featuring Tom Green where Tom sings the song “Good Boy”.  The final piece to this EP is “Carol of the Bells”, which is also about the true meaning of Christmas.  K-Drama does actually slip some lyrics here, “Being a good person can’t buy you a ticket in a Superbowl, so why you think that’ll get you into heaven?/ you need to link with God, the only way, He’ll hook you up/ He’s in more places than a 7-11”

In all honesty I have to say I comprehend the concept here and I understand that it’s just a fun thing to do on a holiday.  But, unfortunately I did not feel this EP.  It sounds thrown together, it was lyrically cheesy, and the whole concept is gimmicky.  I did however think it would be fun to play the EP at my church’s Christmas party for a laugh, and that might have even been the whole vision of the project, I’m not sure.  Overall, I give the “Crunk Christmas Carols” EP a fat sack of coal.

Release Date: December 2007

Record Label: Indie

Track Listing
1. Joy to the World
2. I'm Blessed feat. Charde' Jones
3. Good Boy
4. Carols of the Bells 


Written by Rapzilla

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