Gospel rap veteran Lil Raskull’s “The Buzz Word” dropped when it was supposed to, just not everywhere it was supposed to, and the artist wants to let his fans know he’s sorry for the delay.

“Due to circumstances beyond my control, the record is not yet available in stores,” Ras said. “Several Internet sites are stocking the album, but unfortunately it is not yet available on retail shelves like it was supposed to be.

“I sincerely apologize to the Ras fans around the country who were eagerly awaiting this drop at their local shop.”

Ras said he is extremely frustrated with the situation because it’s really out of his hands at this point.

“We made extraordinary efforts to deliver the album to our distributor on time and now it’s working its way through their system,” Ras said.

Faithful Ras fans can still order it from sites like The Bus Shop ( http://www.dasouth.com/bus-shop/checkout_ras2.php) and CD Baby (http://cdbaby.com/cd/bigras ) though.

And the good news is that the reviews from fans that have already copped it online are overwhelmingly positive. Many are even saying this is the best Ras release yet.

“Again, I am very sorry for this delay. I hate to let my fans down but my hands are really tied on this one. Get it online if you can and if not I am very thankful for your patience. When you hear ‘The Buzz Word” I hope you’ll see that it was worth the wait.”