Beat Lab 7 Productionz presents its second installment of the compilation album when releasing their first volume “Music Meets the Truth”, an entire full length album made totally free for download!  Within the first 6 months, over 14,000 people have downloaded the album featuring artists like 3D Remedy, Dae Lee, Crucial, Phat CAT, Tawana Ross and many more!  With continued success and ever increasing downloads.

According to Beat Lab 7 producers s.a.i.n.t. jon and Crucial of Charlotte, NC, this next presentation of “Music Meets the Truth” is sure to go way beyond the call of duty when it comes to bangin’ beats, tight flows and heart provoking messages of Truth and Life.  Featuring artists like Urban D, Minister RMB, The Breax, Jahaziel, Zee, and Chris MC (formerly of Beatmart’s “Fresh Digress”); this sophomore project has already raised the interest levels of many rap fans across the nation. 


One of the most interesting things about the upcoming compilation is the whole theme of “transformation”.  Most people are familiar with the new “Transformers” movie that hit theatres in mid 2007.  It’s the tale of gigantic robots, better known as “Autobots”, who come to our planet and can take the shape and form of all kinds of electronic and technical devices.  Most of these Autobots end up taking the form of cars, trucks and aircrafts.  It is an amazing sight for the characters in the movie when they first witness the unexpected transformation of a simple car into a huge and majestic robotic being.  Much the same, when a person receives Jesus Christ in their heart, an amazing transformation begins.  Our Lord and Savior can take an average human being and turn them into something that is absolutely amazing in the sight of others.  Christ shows us our true potential and equips us to do things we never imagined we were capable of doing. 

These are among many of the messages embedded in “Music Meets the Truth” 2008.  But as far as the whole “transformation” theme goes, it doesn’t stop there!  From the album cover to the myspace page, website and banner ad designs, “Transformers” movie fans will find many parallels and similarities.  Even the songs will contain various sound effects with mechanical twists, electronic spins and metal-clanging vibes when warping from one track to the next. 

So come January 2008, be on the lookout and go to to download the newest full length “Music Meets the Truth” compilation.  Other featured artists include Street Pastor, Double Portion, Soul the Interrogator, Matty B, Seda, Elevationists, 3PFD, Anya Dixon, and P.I.C.A.S.SO.  Remember, it’s not a mixtape, it’s an ALBUM.  Best part is…’s still FREE!