Home Uncategorized Week 10/28/2007 – TOP 30 Sales Chart

Week 10/28/2007 – TOP 30 Sales Chart

Week 10/28/2007 – TOP 30 Sales Chart

According to Nielsen Soundscan, Week ending 10/28/2007
View previous charts of 10/15/2007, 9/30/2007

up more sales hot up hot! down less sales cool down cool! same small or no change

Rank Sales
1. up Image


KJ-52 "The Yearbook"



2. same Image Lecrae "After the Music Stops"
3. same Image Da Truth "Open Book"
4. hot up  116 Clique "Amped"
5. down Image T-Bone "Bonne-Appetit"
6. down Image

Hip Hope 2008

7. up Image Grits "Greatest Hits"
8. same Image

116 Clique "13 Letters"

9. hot up Image

Trip Lee "If They Only Knew"


10. down Image

The Cross Movement
"HIStory: Our Place in History"

11. down Image Holy Hip Hop volume 5
12. same Image

Lecrae "Real Talk"

13. down Image Flame "Our World: Fallen"
14. down Image Dijon "A Kids Point of View"
15. up Image

Tedashii "Kingdom People"

16. up Image Pettidee
"Resurrection: Past, Present & Future"
17. up Image


Mr. Del "Hope Dealer"

18. hot up Image


Hip Hope Hits 2007

19. down Image

Grits "Redemption"

20. same Image

Everyday Process
"Process of Illumination & Elimation"

21. same Image


R-Swift "Revolutionary Theme Muzik"

22. up Image

L.A. Symphony "Unleashed"

23. up Image

Grits "7"

24. down Image

KJ-52 "Behind The Muzik"

25. up Image


Flame – Self Titled


26. same Image

KJ-52 "Remixed"

27. same Image KJ-52 "It's Pronounced Five Two"
28. hot up
Mr. G Reality
29. cool down Image Da Truth "The Faith"
30. up Image

Da Truth "Moment of Truth"


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