Review – T-Bone – Bone-Appetit (Greatest Hits)

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Hip-hop godfather T-Bone brings almost 20 years of cred along with him, although this hits compilation covers only the last six years, relying heavily on his last three albums (all Flicker. A coincidence, I’m sure). Still, the versatility of Bone-Appetit! clearly explains the rapper’s longevity, and will serve as a good introduction to those arriving late to the hip-hop party.

Grammy-nominated Last Street Preacha, Bone-A-Fide, and the horrifically-titled Gospelalphamegafunkyboogiediscomusic are all well represented, and also included are fan favorites, the jammin’ “Raised in Harlem,” thick with guitar riffs, and standout worship  track, the moving Latin-influenced “King of My Life,” featuring Natalie LaRue.  

Previously heard tracks include hard-livin’ raps like straight-up “I Been Lookin’ Around” and “Let That Tang Go,” laying down the ugly truths of the current hip-hop scene. Tech-groove track “Ride Wit’ Me” serves up a wild hook, and “Wipe Your Tears” spits tongue-tripping lyrics with an old-school R&B groove to offer up some Christ-centered comfort. “Shake Ya Body” is a rapid-fire mix of crunk and clever metaphor.  

As much brains as muscle, T-Bone’s bodacious humor shows through on new track, “Pentecostal Horse Racing,” on which he welcomes you to the “beautiful Bible Belt right here in Tulsa Oklahoma” for the “31st annual Pentecostal Horseracing Extravaganza,” all in a nasal Howard Cosell-like announcer’s voice. Things go quickly from light-hearted to rip-roarin’ as Steven Curtis Chapman makes his way through the crowd “with his 2-time winning horse, ‘Shoulda-bought-a-Hyundai-but-I-got-a-Mitsubishi.’ You get the idea: lots of name-droppin’ fun at the expense of popular music stars. And the hilarity continues on the follow-up track, “Name Droppin’,” showcasing his lyrical dexterity while riling through a long list of Christian artists, past and present. These two tracks alone are worth the price of admission. 

T-Bone is joined by some secular artists who might raise some hackles: KSR-One gives a fierce performance on “GospelAlphaMegaFunkyBoogieDiscoMusic,” and Mack 10 signs on for “A Few Good men.” Nirva joins T-Bone for the brilliant duet from Hero: the Rock Opera, “Raised in Harlem.” But my favorite collaboration was with Natalie LaRue and Mark Stuart on the Caribbean/Latin sizzler that is “Sing Your Praises.” Its vibrant salsa-worship will stay on my own iPod for quite a while, I’m sure. New fnas and old will find much to appreciate on T-Bone’s Bone-Appetit!

Release Date: September 25 2007

Record Label:  Flicker Records

Track Listing

  1. Follow T
  2. Ride Wit Me
  3. Sing Your Praises (English)
  4. I Been Lookin' Around
  5. Let That Thing Go
  6. Dippin'
  7. Wipe Your Tears
  8. Blazin' Mics
  9. Can I Live?
  10. Turn This Up
  11. Gospelalphamegafunkyboogiediscomusic
  12. A Few Good Men
  13. Shake Your Body
  14. Raised In Harlem
  15. King Of My Life
  16. Penecostal Horse Racing
  17. Name Droppn'
  18. Sing Your Praises (Spanish)

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