Review – Corey Red – Crashin’ Da Party

No matter who you are, Corey Red is undoubtedly one of those emcees you’re bound to love. Those who are fans of the Cross Movement love C. Red, as well as those who get down with a less Bible centered message. Personally, Corey Red is one of the first Christian rappers I heard and that got me hooked to the genre; he had catchy lyrics and was very hardcore with his message. After teasing us with years of mixtapes, and even dropping a solo mixtape, Corey Red has finally hit us with an official solo release titled Crashin’ Da Party. 

This release seems to be just as the title would suggest it to be; it's Corey Red crashing the party known as secular rap to deliver his Jesus filled socially conscious rhymes to the masses. Filled with confrontational and taboo subject matter, Corey Red proves that he is not afraid to be contriversial. After setting the tone with the opening title track, the album jumps right into the goods. "Gunz Kill" is one of those tracks where Red isn't afraid of crossing any lines; a storytelling song is what you get here that talks about the dangers and reality of living in the world and being at the mercy of flying bullets. Not stopping there, "Sex and the City" speaks of the ills that surround promiscuity and adultery, even going so far as to talk about girls on the pole wearing a pink thong, far too much visual imagery for young and impressionable ears. This album definitely doesn't lack in the drama department and was something that left me scratching my head at times. 

Now, it isn't all about controversy on this album, there is plenty of other noteworthy material worth discussing. The gospel message makes an apperance somewhat in the track "Jesus Rocks" which puts Jesus into the 21st Century and depicts him as some kind of music star. As odd as the music and subject matter may come across, it is definitely apparent that Red's objective is to preach Christ. He also takes time to bring in socially conscious themes such as slavery and the current state of black America with songs like "Political Science," "Black Tearz," and "Sociology." It is here that this emcee makes many valid points and looks to shift the thinking of his African-American brothers and sisters. 

As a whole, I can say that I was pleased with this project. In some respect he pushed a lot of buttons and the height of the subject matter and language left me feeling like I was listening to a secular rap album. With that aside, I can see that he worked to find very street friendly production, which made it very easy to listen to. I can also see that he worked hard in trying to stretch himself as an emcee, but he still doesn't stray too much from the sound he has used since before the first time I heard him back in 1999. Overall, it's above average but nothing spectacular, just your everyday run of the mill Corey Red product. Regardless, this is a must have for east coast heads and C. Red fans.

Release Date: 2007

Record Label:  Red Lion Entertainment (Indie)

Track Listing
1- Crashin' Da Party
2- Gunz Kill
3- The Drama
4- Catch-22
5- War
6- My Style Iz Hot
7- Sex And The City
8- Political Science
9- Jesus Rocks
10- Grown Man Talk
11- Black Tearz
12- Sociology
13- The Real Hip Hop
14- The Future
15. Whatchu Lookin' 4?
16. Time Runnin' Out


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