Win a Spot In Sho’s Music of Life Video


With the drop of Sho's album around the corner, he needs the help of all the 116ers around the world to make it hot!
Do you want to have your mug in his video? Here is your chance…

Reach Records needs pictures of you (professional quality preferred and please keep it holy) and your desired name to be displayed. AND, along with that put the day, year, or event in which you came into the saving faith of Jesus.

Send the pics to

So what do we mean by "professional quality"? Well, basically we need a clear, crisp, excellent quality picture, and send it in the biggest file size possible. So if your picture is 3 mb in size that's fine, send that. The bigger the picture is, the more we can do with it. If the pic is only 200×400 pixels then it won't work (if you know what pixels are). Basically send us the largest, best pic you have and we'll go from there.

Hurry and send them in!

Big Pic of You
The Name you Prefer
The Day, Year, or Event You Were Saved
email it


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