Rawsrvnt (pronounced raw servant), continues to please his ever increasing fan-base with his eclectic gift of music. As a follow-up to his award winning worship album, In Rare Form [2006], Rawsrvnt shows his versatility and growth as an artist with his latest album, Makin’ Moves. In his fourth full-length album, the artist uses hard hitting beats, creative mixes, attention getting lyrics, and melodious sounds, to teach the gospel of Christ while proving you can still have fun while being a Christian. This engaging project will be available worldwide, September 18, 2007 through Soul Deep Ministries/Flavor Alliance Media Group (www.rawsrvnt.com | www.flavoralliance.com). Makin’ Moves has proven to be a necessary addition to the music library of music enthusiasts and hip-hop lovers worldwide. “I have been looking for a great new sound in Christian music while looking for soul, rap, hip hop and everything else for real expression…Great beats, sound, and everything else. This will make a difference in my life and those in my family whom I share my faith and music with. Thank you.” – Matthew McHenry, Listener. This exceptional release shows his diversity as an artist, with tracks ranging from an anthem with his long-time friend and colleague, Pettidee, called “Bows Up (FLA Anthem)”, to the crowd pleaser “Get ’Em Up” featuring Ziklag Boyz Khul Rhema, to the smooth jam “Str8 Up Awesome.” Regarding his first hit single to be released from the album, Rawsrvnt states, “This song is very close to my heart because it’s based around all the drama that has been going on in my city, West Palm Beach, FL. From the deaths of teenagers, to the gang violence, to the crime scene, drug infestation, abusive homes, parentless children, you name it…I feel a real need to help people realize that the drama that’s going on is not God’s fault. God doesn’t wish this kind of drama or problems on us. As a matter fact, it’s us (people) that are responsible for this insanity…not Him.” This song entitled, “Tears 4 Peers,” is available for FREE download on his website.