Ras opens up in revealing radio interview

Gospel rap veteran Ras (aka Lil Raskull) opened up on a variety of topics during a recent radio interview with TF59 of Mondialamour Magazine. The hour-long show featured a short conversation with gospel singer LeShawn Daniels and an extended segment with H-town’s “Good News Bad Boy”: Ras. Lil Raskull’s interview begins about 18 minutes into the show and he held the mic for the rest of the hour. During the show, the artist discussed:

* How he answers critics on both sides that simultaneously call him “too preachy” and “too street”
* What you can expect on his anxiously awaited new album, “The Buzz Word”, that will be in stores Thanksgiving week
* The feedback he has received from Christians about his collaborations with mainstream artists like Wine-O, Daz Dillinger, Slim Thug, Paul Wall and others
* How the Internet helped save his career
* Who are Javo Records’ newest signees
* How his video for “Bank On That” came together
* One of the highlights of his 10 year career in holy hip hop

Fans who missed the live broadcast on Thursday, August 30 can listen to it for free in several different formats (stream / mp3 download / podcast) from the website:

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