Braille is working hard to finish his new album "the IV Edition" by the end of September. The record won't drop until 2008, but Braille says "I'll definitely start leaking some singles before the end of the year".

Braille connected with a different producer for each track on this record. So far Braille has finished songs with Marco Polo (with cuts by Rob Swift), OhNo (StonesThrow), DJ Spinna, J-Zone, S1 from Strange Fruit Project, Tony Stone, Kno (from CunninLynguists), K-Murdock (Panacea), Ohmega Watts and so forth.

"I'm really excited about this record. I've been recording joints in my home studio since before my daughter was born and she's 9 months now. haha. I'm going to be running around with t-shirts that say "IV" on them with SILVER print at every show until the record drops," says Braille.

The "IV" has four different meanings behind it and Braille will share those as the record release approaches. In the meantime you can still pick up his current records "Box of Rhymes" and "Shades of Grey" at Itunes and at