Through lyrical evangelism, teaching and preaching R-Swift is poised to spark a revolution with his debut release "Revolutionary Theme Muzik",as the backdrop. The native New Yorker who now resides in Philadelphia began rapping for his friends and church at the early age of 11. Surrounded by the influence of sex, money, drugs, and the constant drive for fame.

R-Swift began to put his hope in the wrong things such as selling drugs, sexual immorality, and living a violent lifestyle. While In the midst of these unenthusiastic circumstances he nevertheless had an inner longing to do good as a result of being raised in the church. At the age of 16 R-Swift was saved ,and the Lord switched his passions.

At the age of 17 R- Swift became a member of the Philadelphia Boys Choir & Men's Choral, and was an award recipient of the Concerned Black Men Inc., and a featured performer at the William Ross Scholarship Banquet. As an avid poet and lyricist he was inspired by the Lord to take his lyrical talents beyond his friends and the four walls of the church. Now he makes it his duty to show the love of Christ Jesus through his lifestyle, spreading the gospel of reconciliation to all who will hear. From nightclubs to corner cypha's to underground hip-hop spots. Wherever the Lord sends him, he goes with the same message: Christ and him crucified. R-Swift gives all Glory to God, who is the Author and the Finisher of his faith.

ImageHis debut release "Revolutionary Theme Muzik" lays down the groundwork for a revolution of eternal proportions. With songs like "Smile" featuring J.R. which encourages the saints to stand firm in the Lord. "Dear Holy Hip Hop" which speaks to people with in Christian Hip Hop that have forgotten their first love and calling- reminiscent of the Church of Ephesus, "Higher"- a routty anthem screaming our dedication as Christians to lift the Lord up high.

R-Swift has worked with several well known artists such as The Cross Movement, Da' T.R.U.T.H., FLAME, J.R. and Lecrae. He is a featured artist on Why Hip Hop 2006. Currently, Swift is actively involved with the Youth Study Center in Philadelphia (a detention center for youth offenders) where he ministers the Gospel.

Through lyrical evangelism, teaching and preaching, he is fulfilling the vision that God has given him – to tell the untold and reach the un-reached. To rebuild ancient ruins, to raise up age old foundations, to be a repairer of broken walls, and restorer of the streets; in accordance to Isaiah 58:12. Let the Revolution begin.