Redeemed Thought Re-Releasing Their Debut Album

Redeemed Thought will re-release their debut album with Lamp Mode “Truth, Beauty, Goodness”. This album will be released June 19th 2007. Originally from Southern Cali, this duo represents true underground lyricism while having fun. As with any good Christian art, this 20 track offering provides the listener with a context to be built up, encouraged, edified and challenged. With guest spots from shai linne, timothy brindle, J-Silas, R-Swift and production from Cross Movement’s Official this is a must have!

Originally released in 2005, this version has been remixed and remastered for optimal listening pleasure.

Track List
1. Welcome
2. The Anthem (Build Up!)
3. Christ Control
4. *Truth*
5. Bang Ya’ Head
6. Keep It Simple
7. So Much To Say
8. *Beauty*
9. More Than Music
10. Soapbox
11. Same God
12. *Goodness
13. In Still Motion
14. Still In Motion
15. Bless The Mic
16. Right Here
17. Dove Soap
18. *The Balance
19. Philadelphia
20. Goodnight

*denotes interlude

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