Ends Of The Earth Vol.1

End Of Earth Records announces the re-release of the rare, yet classic compilation, To The Ends Of The Earth Vol 1. This compilation features hard to find songs by Mars Ill, Phonetic Composition, Sev Statik, Future Shock, The Foundation (Dokument & Jerms from Tunnel Rats). Guest features by VexDaVortex, Flynn from LA Symphony, Jurny, and Soup the Chemist. This album features production by Freddie Bruno, Ajax Starglider, JB, Harry Krum, Illtrip and Flynn. This is a must have disc for any true hiphop fan. Most importantly, proceeds of this project go towards supporting global evangelism through E3 Partners ( and Ravi Zacharias International Ministries ( Be on the lookout for Volume 2. with songs by Soul P., Braille, Scribbling Idiots, and many more. Album street date is to be announced, but it’s coming out soon.

ImageTrack listing with producers:
1. A Breath Away – Sev Statik
Produced by JB

2. Waxing Philosophical – Future Shock feat. Jurny & Soup the Chemist
Produced by Ajax Starglider

3. Flipside – Mars Ill
Produced by Harry Krum for Krummy Beats ascap

4. Innovate – Tapwater feat. Flynn of LA Symphony
Produced by Flynn, Cuts by The Boogieboard

5. Phone Interlude – Freddie Bruno
Produced by Freddie Bruno

6. Supreme Composition – Phonetic Composition
Produced by Freddie Bruno for Untitled Sound

7. Attack of Words – Labklik (Illtrip & Listener)
Produced by Illtrip

8. Come On – Nomis, Artofact the Forgotten & Black Monk
Produced by Nomis

9. Case-n-Point – The Foundation (Dokument & Jermz)
Produced by Jermz

10. Loss of Consciousness – Cal Logic feat. Spontaneous & DJ Coy
Produced by Cal Logic

11. Blood Sweat & Tears – Goldenchild feat. Alias, 8th Apostle & Imajin
Produced by Goldenchild

12. No Challengers – Prism Cru All-Stars (VexDaVortex & Vocab Malone)
Produced by Illtrip

13. Half Full Half Empty – Crown of Thorns
Produced by Tarik Robinson


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