3D Remedy The Feature Mixtape

Evolution Musik Recordings is always looking to provide their fans with new and relevant hip hop music on a consistent basis. This year’s first release begins with a free downloadable mix-tape available exclusively at 3D Remedy, the founder and producer of EM Recordings says “I Just pray this would be a blessing to all, I know there’s not too much free original music out there, and not every time someone can get to a store and buy an album, but here our fans can just click and download”

This Staten Island, New York Native, first step into the seen in 2003, appearing on various mix-tapes distributed through out the tri-state area. In 2006, He released his debut album “The CURE” LP independently through EMR. Through the course of his 3 1/2 Years of Holy Hip Hop Ministry, he has had the honor of being featured as a special guest, in several projects, hence the title “The Feature Mix-tape.”

3D Remedy, has accumulated several guest appearances and has gathered them all together to form this unique and diverse mix-tape.

The Feature Mix-tape will be released May 28th, 2007. The 15 Track project (with bonus tracks) also features various artists such as, Magellan, JAZ and Tha Reason of Zealous Productions, Miz Rock from the united Evolution Musik Roster, Ason of Big Sonny Entertainment, Maestro Movement, and many more.

“I know since the release of “The CURE” many people have asked me, when I’m going to be releasing some new music,” says 3D Remedy. “My answer has been that I’ve been working on other songs for various Artists. Well, now I’ve been graced to be able to compile all these tracks together and offer our supporters some more music to enjoy, be blessed, and be edified. Who would have thought I was working on my own project the whole time.”


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