Theory Hazit New Video Out Soon


Next week Hiphop IS Music will be doing the internet premier of the first Theory Hazit video from his album “Extra Credit”. This video is super fresh and is all done in ANIMATION format for the song “I Just Wanna Go Home”. They also have a second video being edited as we speak – but first things first.

You can now pre-order Theory Hazit’s new album “Extra Credit”. The first 1,000 copies of this album are being printed with a 12 page booklet on living tree paper. You can hear the lead single “Emit Gninrut” (turning time) from the front page of and you can order your copy at the Hiphop IS Music online store. These first 1,000 copies are only going to be available through a limited number of websites because Hiphop IS Music are preparing for the “international” release of “Extra Credit” in a partnership with GrooveAttack for Europe, the U.S. and Canada. They have also partnered with companies in Japan and South Africa to assure that this album gets good promotion and distribution in those territories.


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