Since his first national release, “Behind the Glory,” 22 year old national recording artist k-Drama has been in the lab working hard on a series of music projects aimed at stretching his fan base, expanding his sound, and most of all, expressing his devotion to God and his hometown, Cincinnati. The first of many projects to see the light of day in 2007 is the CeaseFire Cincinnati EP.

The CeaseFire Cincinnati EP is a four song project geared towards positively influencing a city suffering from a gun violence epidemic. k-Drama hopes that this project influences a culture inherently told they are of little to no worth to consider their true purpose in life, and effectively end the behavior that is destroying so much. Each song approaches gun violence and the prevention of it from a grassroots perspective, giving everyone who listens insight into what they can do to help.

Produced by Platinum Tips, this project is scheduled for release by CeaseFire Cincinnati on May 1st, 2007. The EP will sell for $7, and all proceeds collected from sale of the CeaseFire Cincinnati EP will go directly to support the public education efforts of CeaseFire Cincinnati.

CeaseFire Cincinnati is a comprehensive campaign to stop shootings and homicides in its targeted neighborhoods. CeaseFire is a strategic, multi-pronged effort that relies on five core components: Outreach and intervention to high-risk youth and families; collaboration between and criminal justice agencies and personnel; community mobilization to respond to shootings within 72 hours of an incident; public education to change attitudes and behaviors about gun violence; and faith-based leadership to engage the faith community as a moral voice to challenge the norms about tolerance of gun violence in Avondale.