Beatmart Recordings never slows down its quest to scout and develop new talent, and in turn continually provide hip-hop music lovers with a fresh sound and story. Label A&R and producer Todd Collins and his newest talent, award-winning northwest rapper Willie Will, have put their creativity and experience together and are excited to present Reflection, which will be in stores June 5, 2007.

ImageSeattle, Washington local Willie Will has developed a following in the northwest with three solo releases, demonstrated by the five awards he took home from the 2006 Northwest Music Awards for Best Single, Best Album, Best Collaboration, Best Video, and 2006 Northwest Pioneer.

Todd Collins, the founder of Gotee Records with Toby Mac and Joey Elwood, says Willie Will brings a unique blend of hood life reality mixed with the heart of a soldier to the diverse Beatmart Recordings roster, and believes Reflection is set to gain the same widespread appeal and reception of Soul P. and Pettidee’s latest creations, The Premiere and Thug Love.

Music came naturally to Willie Will. His mother was a choir director and his father was a quartet singer. Will began rapping when he was seven years old, and he and his brothers performed with their father in a Gospel group called Pop Heavenly and The Heavenly Boyz.

Will grew up in the church, but spent the impressionable years of his life moving back and forth between Seattle and New Jersey. His dad seldom had a job and often hustled to get money while his mother many times worked two jobs. From the throes of a confusing and unbalanced home, Will turned to a life of hustle for his own, but when he was twenty, he says God took hold of him “in a very real way.”

“With Reflection, I hope to bring to the forefront a new vein of holy hip-hop—one that brings the lost to the light and edifies the believer at the same time,” says Willie Will. “Christian rap is often extreme: either it’s too much God that the unbeliever can’t feel it, or God can’t be found anywhere in it. There needs to be a middle ground that everyone can feel and in turn be blessed.”