Shaun Burkowski (of Pinnacle Rhythms) and Eric Lopez (of The Remnant) have partnered to bring you a new apparel line that consists of special limited edition art prints on high-end, custom made, quality apparel. Introducing… Vintage Clothing Limited. This new apparel line is set for public release on May 5th 2007 and a kick-off concert will coincide with a website and online store launch. The concert is being held in Baltimore, Maryland featuring performances by: Braille, The Remnant, Theory Hazit, Dirt (shadow of the locust), and Wut Metaphysical. More information regarding the clothing line, and the launch concert can be found at or at

What is Vintage Clothing Limited?
Vintage Clothing Limited is an entrepreneurial endeavor created by Shaun Burkowski (President of Pinnacle Rhythms, Graphic Designer, Music Producer), and Eric Lopez (aka Drastic, Emcee of hip-hop crew The Remnant, Fine Artist, Illustrator) into the apparel industry. Utilizing each other’s individual skills – the two have combined efforts to establish a clothing line with intent to impact their culture through artistic expression and apparel. While the trend of flashy blinged-out rappers, and half naked women immersed in the “dark-side” of the hip-hop culture seam to be the push of just about every urban outlet today. Vintage Clothing Limited sets out not simply to be an alternative – but to stand out from amongst the culture through originality and artistic focus. Vintage Clothing Limited is rooted in the urban art forms of graffiti writing, and street style illustration. Art that is often inspired by the creative music form some have deemed ‘conscious hip-hop’. Music created by artists who’s names the world may never give recognition to on a mainstream level. Underground. Nevertheless, the Vintage goal is to be a brand that has worldwide appeal and a broad audience, while un-compromisingly maintaining the ethics and integrity of the company’s founders.

Why The Name Vintage Clothing Limited?
Vintage by its very definition evokes words that embody what this company is trying to achieve with its apparel line. Words such as “Classic” and “Timeless”. Words that are a representation of what the hip-hop culture was founded on – transcended into the apparel industry – to create something different for a change. “People are already familiar with the term vintage. When something is vintage it sticks around and doesn’t die with pop trends. It never gets old. It has real value over any kind of monetary value. Its something you can look back on years later and its still cool. Like your favorite album. Or a verse from a song that makes you recall a memory ofa time when you heard it. That to me is Vintage. That is classic!” – Shaun Burkowski, co-founder of Vintage Clothing Limited What about the Limited you ask? This apparel will feature exclusive Limited Edition art prints on high-end, custom made, quality apparel. With these limited quantities comes a greater value to both collectors of art – as well as the fashionably minded individual seeking an un-equaled original. Each and every limited edition art printed shirt will be hand numbered on the back of the label, and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. To own one of these limited edition art shirts is to own a piece of something that is truly “exclusive” and all your own. Vintage apparel are rare collectors items of the highest quality. True originals. Aside from the limited edition art shirts, Vintage will also offer a “signature series” which is branded apparel for everyday wear. Both lines of apparel will be made of the same high-end quality fabrics, and the same level of obsession for detail down to the last stitch and the last drip of ink.