Urban D. has a new video out from his single “Unorthodox” from his upcoming album “Unorthodox… When Hip Hop Meets Church” releasing May 8th with Holy Hip Hop/ EMI Gospel. Click here to watch the new video. “Unorthodox… When Hip Hop Meets Church” showcases a prolific hip hop ministry emcee with over 50,000 Holy Hip Hop albums sold to date.

ImageHailing from Philly, Urban D has strong roots in the urban community, while also maintaining a strong presence in the suburbs as well. Featured in USA Today, HBO and Christian publications worldwide, Urban D is notable for his powerful ministry and innovative music.

With tracks on the album such as Unorthodox, Okay and Hustle, Urban D is certain to make listeners want to bob their head and stomp their feet to thrilling sounds and uplifting lyrics.

Urban D is the founder and pastor of Crossover Community Church in Tampa, Florida – the world’s first and oldest hip hop church.

Urban D, (aka Tommy Kyllonen), has also written “Un.orthodox” (Zondervan – May 07). His book equips church leaders and parents alike to understand and engage a culture that is as near as our schools, our communities, and even our homes.

DVD features music video clips and a documentary of Urban D’s ministry and hip hop church.

Song Descriptions for Urban D. – “Un.orthodox”

1. “Un.orthodox” (first single) The title track challenges the listener to be themselves and not do what everyone else does. The song takes you through Urban D.’s journey of how his family was unorthodox and his upbringing in Philly was rocky until he turned to Christ. The last part of the song talks about the movement that is happening through his church and Christian hip-hop and how the approach is so unorthodox – but God is using it in big ways.

2. “Appreciate” featuring Surreal Americans all wish they could have more – but sometimes we just need a reminder to sit back and appreciate what we really have. We are so rich compared to the rest of the planet and when we find Christ we are spiritually blessed as well.

3. “Church” featuring Fla.vor Alliance and friends The original definition of the word church was a group of people together on a mission. In our western culture it has really just turned into a place that people go. We’ve become spiritual consumers. This track features the Fla.vor Alliance spitting about the true definition and how we are all the church. It also features Japan based MC Elijah who spits a quick verse in Japanese.

4. “Home” featuring Bobby Tinsley This is a very popish R&B track that is really out the box for Urban D. as he teams up with an incredible up and coming vocalist Bobby Tinsley. They both share how they strayed away from their relationship with their creator, but he called them back home.

5. “Okay” The Immigrant album was known for it’s creative Latin feel, and this track touches on that flavor along with some Reggaeton. Okay talks about materialism and how it never really satisfies… it never leaves you okay. This is a fun crowd song that will get you moving.

6. “Culture” featuring Rawsrvnt & Los 1 This has a melodic dirty south feel to it with Rawsrvnt singing the chorus. The song talks about the state of the culture and their need for Christ. Each verse focuses in on a different aspect: verse 1 – pride, verse 2 – sex, verse 3 – crime.

7. “Temptation” featuring Demetrus Sexploitation is all around us as our culture uses sex to sell just about everything. This song talks about that reality and touches on the dangers of porn, while it brings the solution of turning to the scriptures to fight temptation and defeat it.

8.“Hustle” featuring Spec and Jabo Our society always seems to be on the grind… on the hustle to get somewhere or get something. This song talks about the hustle of three cats trying to change the culture and illuminate them with the truth of Christ.

9. “Hip-Hop” featuring DJ DVize This track breaks down a history of hip-hop from the 70’s in the South Bronx to its dominance in pop culture today. It shows it’s more pure humble beginnings and how it digressed to it’s polluted commercialism. The DJ cuts the narrating voice on the chorus that describes himself as “my name is hip-hop” – eventually that voice introduces the listener to his creator at the end of the track.

10. “Peter” Peter was known for his denial of Christ three times, but yet later he was reinstated and used in huge ways. This track biblically breaks down the story and ties it in with several modern illustrations as if it were today. Urban D. ministers in two parts as he challenges the listener instead of there being an actual hook.

11. “Purpose” featuring Harmony (Crossover’s worship team) This is the most personal track on the album as Urban D. gets transparent and shares the story of his wife losing their first child and her going through major surgery that would possibly prohibit them from having kids. Check out the lyrics and hear what God did!

12. “Sorry” Another highly personal track as it’s a prayer where the artist cries out to God in the first verse asking for forgiveness for his own mistakes. The second verse is an apology for the church, and the third verse is an apology for Christian hip-hop. This is also the first track ever where Urban D. actually sings the hook himself. This one closes off the album with a heart felt prayer at the end.