Sean P. from the group BC (aka Bone Circus) is working on a new album that will be released in winter of 2007.

The album's titled "Stiles for Miles!"  It will be composed of 12 solid songs all of which will feature beats, cuts, and raps.  Appearances will be made by Playdough and Cas Metah (of Scribbling Idiots).

This time around the raps will be aggressive and even more personal than previous releases.  He's covered difficult topics like: Self-esteem, Harmful Thinking, Church Abandonment, and Religion.  And, as usual, Hip-Hop nostalgia is mixed in every nook and cranny which is sure to please the heads.  The raps will be a positive and uplifting experience with a smile your mom will hate to love.

Similar to the lyrics, the beats hit harder and the music is creatively soulful. The listener can expect heavy bass lines with well dug samples.  "To up my game I've utilized analog synths combined with live instrumentation for an organic sound.  And, you know I never forget the cuts.  Scratch hooks are neatly sliced throughout the record." says Sean P.

You can preview some of the music on for a limited time.