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Every once in a while, you get to hear a HHH CD that gives you a reason to smile. Now don't get me wrong, there are plenty of CDs bringing the right Word of God, which is plenty of reason to smile. But on a rare occasion there is a CD, Current Events, that bridges the often lofty gap of sound doctrine, with sounds lyrics and production. Well my friends, Mad Prophets have brought a smile to this reviewers grill by accomplishing the aforementioned feat.

From track one 'Life or Death' you can feel the reach of the Prophets. Fed up with the today's current events, especially those affecting our inner cities, Mad Prophets recommend the medicine to remedy the ills of the world. The first few songs on Current Events set you in the right state of mind, preparing you to march with the Mad Prophets and their call to arms (with the Word of God).

Creative lyrics with very thought out and well written rhyme schemes are abundantly pronounced on Current Events. Production on the CD is outstanding. A variety of tracks ranging from east coast to southern infused boom bap keep the listener attentive, anxiously anticipating the next beat.

Is Current Events a perfect CD? No, but there are enough strong songs on it to cancel out the few that have some room for improvement. But MP and their small roster of guest emcees that includes Light and Precise have accomplished what few have. Mad Prophets have released a CD worthy of being pushed on every street corner not just in the pristine lobbies and hallways of our places of worship after a youth event. Let it put a smile on your face.

Label: Yuinon Records

Release Date: December 12 2006

Life or Death
2. Closer Than a Brother
3.  Sell Mo
4. Harder
5. Thank You feat. Janee Bradford
6. Current Events
7. Shine
8. Medicine
9. Action feat. Light Da Flow Minista
10. Push On feat. AON
11. Intense feat. Precise and Minister Zion
12. Unique
13. Underground 4 Life
14. Street Theology 3
15. Undefeated

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