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When I was first asked to review KJ-52's new album I was a tad bit reluctant. Truth be told I've always liked him as an artist; I was just not a fan of his last few albums. I became of fan from one of his early releases with The Sons of Intellect. Over the years it just seemed some albums were water downed from when he stepped on the scene with S.O.I. It was like with each release he lost a little luster. I was relieved to learn that he had a big hand in the production himself. Hopefully he could get away from the CCM sound and to a more authentic hip-hop sound and not as pop

The first track that jumps off the EP is "It Ain't Easy". This track has slow tempo groove that makes you want to drop your convertible top and cruise the spot. Be warned this track will have your neck hurting from beginning to end. KJ drops verses about how people compare him to other artist or even get him and John Reuben confused. But it doesn't seem, to faze him one bit.

"Do Yo Thang" is the second track that jumps out at you. He brings a sort of funk, disco vibe that is guaranteed to be a new favorite at any skating rink or dance club.

"Fan Mail" makes for a more serious track where KJ-52 translates letters from fans into verbal poetry. Rarely do we get the opportunity to see the fruit that's produced or get a glimpse of the many lives touched by these artists.

"Pump That" is a definite head banger that sounds like anything on mainstream radio today. While the track rides the lyrics guide you to a mindset that you only need GOD and your number one and everything in life will fall into place.

The only songs that could have been left off were "You Hang up First" & "Take every Part of Me". "Hang Up First" is a track some young female teens may enjoy, but it didn't fit in the vibe of this project. I will say the production was nice which made it tolerable. "Take Every Part of Me" in concept is a good idea, but the music came out of left field. It put me in the vibe of a dated CCM song. It was more in the line of a pop-acoustic track. Ironically KJ-52 will probably win a Dove for Best Rap Song with this one.

Cons: Two songs, "You Hang Up First" and "Every Part of Me."
Pros: More classic rhymes from KJ-52 and new production by the emcee that gives this release in a much needed new & fresh direction.

To sum it up for KJ-52's newest release, this is an excellent work. Fans of KJ-52 will not be dissappointed, actually impressed with the new sound and those who will hear him for the first time will join the band wagon. This is the freshest release since he first hit the scene and with him driving the music production wheel I'm looking forward to where he'll take us in the future.

Label: BEC Recordings

Release Date: April 10 2007

1.Will You Ever Know
2. Do Yo Thang
3. You'll Never Take Me Down
4. Do You Got That?
5. It Aint Easy
6. Push Up 5
7. I Won't Ever Stop
8. Fan Mail
9. You Can Still Come Back
10. I Won't Ever Stop
11. Pump That
12. In The Garden
13. Daddy's Girl
14. Wake Up
15. Say What You Want
16. Gonna Be Alright
17. You Hang Up First
18. Always Here For You
19. Take Every Part Of Me

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