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Dear Reader, the following album review is admittedly abstract. Bear with me: I think my parable illustrates the point.


So… I have a little Saturday morning tradition of watching Beverly Hills 90210 reruns and making chocolate chip pancakes for my wife and me.

When this started a few years ago, I wasn’t very good at it. I was using the mix where you add water only. It was easy for me, but not too tasty.

Often I’d get caught up in the melodrama of Brandon, Kelly, Dylan, and the gang and not pay much attention to the skillet heat. The pan would get hot and the outside of the cakes would get too crisp. That left the insides underdone.

Next, when I added the chocolate chips to the batter, they didn’t disperse well and would resist falling evenly into the pour.

But, after being brow-beaten with some constructive criticism from my better half, I switched to the more traditional mix: oil, milk, eggs. And now, I keep a better eye on the burner temperature and sprinkle in the Nestle’ morsels once the cake has started to cook.

The result? A better breakfast.




4-God’s The Movement album is like my first crack at making the meal. It’s a little uneven and could definitely use improvement.

Not knowing the artist prior to this review, I suspect this has much to do with his rookie status. Maybe a sharper ear could decipher the best ingredients and process to a more appetizing plate.

The hooks are very simple and quite redundant. The subject matter is basic Christianity.

Occasionally you’ll come across a track and delivery that grabs you, but mostly you’ll just take cuts and want to drown them in syrup to make ‘em more palate-pleasing.

I think with more attention to the elements, and time in the kitchen, 4-God can improve like I did, and eventually please even his most discerning critics.


Label: Rey of Hope Records

Release Date: 2006

1 Why 4-God The Intro
2 Party Song
3 Who Knew
4 The Movement
5 Footprints
6 Dreams
7 Let's Be
8 The Stomp
9 Do Ya Thang
10 Mic Check 4-God Say No More
11 Temptations
12 Revelations
13 The Outro

What do you think?


Written by Rapzilla

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