Rapzilla's biggest giveaway! We are having a special WEEKLY GIVEAWAY on Rapzilla. If you don’t have an account yet go and join now, takes only 20 seconds (trust me). Then you must be an active member on the site (posting on the forum and leaving comments) and you can win! Be sure to read the instructions.


24 CD's Everyday Process Mixtape "Truth or Lie"
20 CD's Cram Session vol.2
20 Mix CD's of DJ Lace
10 CD's Zee "Livin' Proof" Autographed
10 CD's Willie Will Autographed
10-30 CD's SOTSA
6 T-Shirts from Last Adam
6 CD's La Familia Muzik "The Heist" Autographed
5 CD's Ricky B "Life of the Party"
5 CD's Excelsius "In Conjunction" Autographed + Phone call with Excelsius
3 CD's Verses "Listening Session" Autographed
3 CD's Joe Thunder Autographed
2 CD's G-Notes Autographed
2 CD's Braille "Shades in Grey"
2 CD's Braille "Box of Rhymes"
2 CD's Sivion "Spring of the Songbird"
2 CD's Lightheaded "Pure Thoughts"
1 JATH pack (Autographed CD's from Excelsius "The Final Evolution" and "In Conjunction", & a Joined at the Hip T-shirt) + Phone Call from Excelsius
1 Reach Records pack (all cd's + t-shirt)

You must have a Rapzilla account, If you are not registered yet go and join now (takes less than 20 seconds).

What do you need to do to be eligible to win for the week prize?

  • Be active on the site (at least 5 days out of the week):
    – Post regularly on the Message Board.
    – Leave comments on Articles and Videos

You can participate every week and win unlimited times!


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