After setting Christian Hip Hop ablaze with his debut self-titled album “FLAME” and his sophomore release “Rewind,” the gritty Midwest Hip-Hopper is back with what promises to be his most engaging project to date! Image “Our World Fallen” is the first of a two-CD project to be released by FLAME in 2007. “Our World Fallen” tells the story of a non-believer’s journey to faith in Christ. The story begins when FLAME meets a non-believer meet at an outreach event, and they begin to talk about the message in FLAME’s raps and spills. The album chronicles their discussions of life’s issues in a fallen world from a Christian worldview as the two become friends. Each song points to a part of the story as FLAME’s fictional friend wrestles with his own confusion and frustration about Christianity. A death in his family causes him to wonder about life after death and to struggle more deeply with the knowledge of his own sinful condition and the hope offered in Jesus. At this point in “Our World Fallen,” FLAME’s friend begins to ask questions about heaven and hell, and the album ends with his cry for help.

Appealing to the world to receive healing and freedom by Christ Jesus from their weariness and heavy-laden sinful lifestyle and world, “Our World Fallen” exposes man’s spiritual poverty and the grave consequences of a sinful lifestyle both here on earth and after death. Through songs that express the desires of a seeking soul, the listener vicariously experiences a true search for purpose and meaning in life, and is exhorted to respond to the message of the gospel and come to right thinking about God.

The two-CD project, “Our World Fallen” and “Our World Redeemed” (to be released later this year), encourages the listener to embrace Christ and go on to live out the Christian faith while learning to apply biblical principles with the ultimate goal of evangelizing and making disciples for Him.