Its been almost 6 years now since Shadow of the Locust’s founding father, DiRT released a new studio album. That’s not to say he hasn’t been steady busy writing and recording new music over the course of that time.

Dirt put out a freestyle album, and a split EP project called ‘Broken Earth’ with a now debunked crew called Nazir. Both rare underground releases we’re available on his website.

In 2002, Dirt’s performance at Cornerstone Festival was recorded and later released as a live album as well.

Most recently Dirt put out a mixtape thru Syntax records which features reworked classics and snippets of new material from a new album! This new project will feature all of the material Dirt has been working hard on over the years and kept locked away in the vaults until the right time. May-June 2007 is that right time!

The new album, “Heavy Manners” will be release exclusively thru iTunes with a tentative release of May or June 2007. Because iTunes is sometimes unpredictable on exact release dates we can’t say for certain when. But keep an eye out for it! This comes just in time for his appearance in Baltimore, Maryland at the Vintage Clothing Limited launch concert.

Catch Dirt online at his Myspace page.