The Next Level of Prison ministry is here! “FOR THE YARD” the album from GodChaserz Entertainment sends the message of Jesus Christ to prisons, work camps and detention centers. This album is jammed packed with some of Holy Hip Hop’s favorite ministers (Zee, Excelsius, Big R, Redd Lettaz, KNINE, Re:Son, Fitz Young, DIVINE, Brinson and More). “When I explained to everyone involved on this album the burden that the Lord put on my heart to minister to the inmates they jumped right on board!” said Brinson. For The Yard features R & P, Spoken Word, Prayer, and Holy Hip Hop.

“The last time we went to the maximum security prison we saw over 300 men praising God at the same time. IT WAS AMAZING! Many of them were telling us how much the CD had blessed them and that they didn’t know people are out here doing this type of Ministry”.

If you know any other prisons or Chaplains that will accept this CD please contact us at so we can send them this ministry project.

GodChaserz Entertainment Emcee Jovan Mackenzy has released an EP entitled “Operation: Rapture Ready”. This EP is the appetizer before the main course, a full length release of G-Hawd (JIHAD) The Holy War, later on this year. You will hear production by KNINE, St Joe the Servant, and Brinson. “We had to release these tracks before his official GodChaserz Debut Album so everyone can get a taste of what he is about to bring to the table. This is just the Soup and Salad” said Brinson of

You can purchase these albums at the New GodChaserz CD Store