The distribution of Hiphop IS Music has been growing rapidly. They are now in the process of finalizing agreements for strong distribution in Europe, Japan and the United States. The growth of the label has caused some set backs in their schedule. They are unable to release the Theory Hazit album “Extra Credit” when they expected and the release date is now set for the first week of May. 2006 was such a great year for the label, and when many of their partners and affiliates heard the Theory Hazit album, they agreed it was time to take things to another level. Braille personally stands behind every record that they’ve dropped so far, and “Extra Credit” is no exception. Braille says “I’m sorry to announce the delay but I am confident in saying that it will be worth the wait.”

In other Theory Hazit related news, HipHop IS Music just shot a video for his song “Turning Time”. They are hoping to have the final video complete by the time the album drops. More info on that coming soon.