Submissions For ’07 Texas HHH Awards

It’s time for the 6th annual Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards! Celebrating 6 years of honoring individuals who continue to excel in the Christian hip hop music industry, we are growing closer to our national launch. 

This year will be our final year for covering Texas, and then we broaden our territory to the entire southern region. So join us on June 22nd and 23rd for a spectacular weekend of great performances and good ole’ Texas hip hop!

The deadline for submissions is Feb 28th! So make sure you submit your project and make your nominations if you would like to be recognized for your hard work.

Category Nomination

Review our categories and nominate someone for an award. We offer you two great ways to submit your nominations, but before you do anything, please read all of the following forms before submitting a nomination.

Option 1: Mail-in Forms

THHHAA Category Submission Form

THHHAA Entry Form

Option 2: Online Form

Please list your nominee next to each category. There are two groups of categories listed below.  Follow the instructions for each group.  For a description of a category, click on the category name.  Keep form as organized as possible. Submit your nominations here:

Personal Nominee Group

These categories are listed under the personal nominee group because they do not involve the submission of an album or video.  Before you submit a nominee(s) for these categories, be sure that you consider them carefully.  Each category seeks out individuals or businesses that have displayed outstanding support or have given an overwhelming contribution to the advancement of the holy hip hop movement.  For example, a minister that repeatedly allows Christian rappers to perform in his/her church could be considered a nominee for Minister of the Year since he/she is contributing to the advancement of holy hip hop music.  Also remember, these nominations are considered for their achievements in 2006 solely and must be from Texas.

The nominee categories are: (Vendor of the Year; Radio Program of the Year; DJ of the Year; Media/Communications of the Year; Dance Group of the Year; Internet Radio Program of the Year; Merchant of the Year; Minister of the Year; Vanguard of the Year; Venue of the Year; Stage Performer of the Year; Record Label of the Year)

Artistic Nominee Group

These categories are listed under the Artistic Nominee Group because they are based on a particular album, song or video released in 2006.  Remember, you must mail 2 copies of the titles that you submit to our office along with the completed forms.

You must list the artist’s name, album title, album UPC bar code & release date next to the following categories:

The artistic group nominee categories are: (Lyricist of the Year; Song of the Year; New Artist of the Year; Music Video of the Year; Compilation CD of the Year; CD Package of the Year; Underground CD of the Year; Disc of the Year; Male Rap Artist of the Year; Female Rap Artist of the Year; Engineer of the Year; Producer of the Year; Male Soul Artist of the Year; Female Soul Artist of the Year; Artist of the Year; Mainstream Inspirational Song of the Year)

The deadline for submission is Feb 28th!

2006 THHHAA Recap

Like Young Joc in the past tense, “It went doowwwnnn” at the 5th Annual Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards on June 23 – 24, 2006.

This was our biggest year yet. More than 1,000 in attendance, a phat new venue, the best Red Carpet Ceremony ever, a fly After Party that filled you up, and Ceremony performances and appearances by the likes of Big Mike, Lil Keke and funk legend George Clinton.

Yep, we reached out and built a bridge to the mainstream rap community that continues to embrace both our music and our message. The night before we had a ground-breaking Workshop Panel Discussion with cats from all ends of the spectrum of thought concerning Christians in the mainstream rap world. And guess what, nobody got hurt! – Words by Sketch the Journalist

View a recap of the awards here:


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