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Soul P vinyl record

Soul P vinyl record

 Beatmart has a vinyl out, this is your chance to get the very first record pressing in Beatmart history.

Soul P. has been getting love in the clubs so much that Beatmart felt the need pressing in to make vinyl. "It's something we knew that we would eventually do, we just didn't know when" says Beatmart. The vinyl will be on sale for $9.99, but there are just a few extra copies that are for sale, Beatmart made a limited run.

Here's the vinyl track listing:

Side ONE:
1. Whoa Whoa! – 3:57
2. Step Clap – 4:22
3. Goodness – 3:50
4. Hey Young Man – 4:13

Side TWO:
1. Whoa Whoa! – (A Cappella) 3:57
2. Step Clap – (A Cappella) 4:22
3. Goodness – (Instrumental) 3:50
4. Hey Young Man – (Instrumental) 4:13 

The vinyl will be available in the Beatmart store within the next few days, so be on the lookout!



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