Soul P Video “Whoa Whoa!”

Today will go down in history for premier Christian hip hop label Beatmart Recordings as the date it unveils the label's first ever music video. 

The standout video for the retro '80's sounding single "Whoa Whoa!" off newcomer Soul P.'s successful December 2006 release The Premiere will also debut as the west coast rapper's first music video. It was shot by director Justin Purser of Anonymous Content in downtown Los Angeles at the beginning of December.

The "Whoa Whoa!" video will be aired for the first time this Thursday, February 8 on at NOON Eastern. This online debut will be followed by an international broadcast premiere on Gospel Music Channel. The video will also soon be available for download on iTunes. You can watch the video on

Beatmart Recordings was founded by Todd Collins – one of three Gotee Records founders – and his brother Troy Collins in 2004. The label has grown to an impressive roster of nine artists in three short years.

The Premiere has ranked #9 on the Nielsen SoundScan R&B/Hip Hop chart for the past five weeks, joining fellow label mates Pettidee's Thug Love (#24) and Japhia Life's Fountain of Life (#37) in the top 50. The album's celebratory, danceable, catchy, and life-affirming songs deal with the social ills of inner-city life and offer hope of redemption and happiness through Christ.

Anonymous Content, the production company that "Whoa Whoa!" video director Justin Purser works for, is best known for providing a home to filmakers where they can develop and produce artistic and unique projects with commercial potential. Its filmography includes "Babel", 50 First Dates, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Oscar winner for Best Original Screenplay), and Being John Malkovich (three Oscar nominations including Best Director and Best Original Screenplay). 



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