Excelsius opens up the project letting the listener know upfront what he's all about and the direction of this project. You can tell by his comments he has a heart to not only reach the lost, but to also bring the body of Christ together as one church, one mind and one Lord. This project has 17 tracks and 14 producers. Personally I wouldn't suggest that many producers because the style of the artist could be lost, but amazingly each track works together. It was hard to decide which track to focus on because there are so many. One track that stood out for me was "Chop It Up" feat: Torch and produced by Fatherz Child. This is definite head bobber and a good radio single. This song is a loud declaration of their faith and what they're about. He notes in the track that the term "Chop It Up" is a southern slang term for fellowship and it "doesn't even matter if your black or white or if you do what you, if it's whack or tight…"

The next track that had my neck hurtin was the party mover "Kingdom Grindin". This track feat: Tha G.I.M. and is produced by Decadez. Excelsius and G.I.M. let you know that they're grindin for the kingdom instead of the streetz. When they grind, they grind for souls. Bringing the lost into the body by winning souls one at a time. As Paul said, I become all things to all men so that I may when some and Excelsius has done that on this track.

The last song that I was feeling is Snapshots (The Process of Progress), produced by Omari. Excelsius gives us his life story in this track, telling us where he comes from and what he's been through. Even though I wasn't a big fan of how the hook was produced, the song still does its job to catch the attn of the listener.

Overall Excelsius is a very talented emcee. If he's not already he'll be a youth minister soon. You feel from this track this young cat has a really good heart. Excelsius has a lyrical flow that captures your undivided attn with a vocal tone similar to K-Drama but with his own style. He's clear in his message and what he stands for. If you love Christian Hop-Hop you will definitely love Excelsius.

Label: Joined at the Hip Ministries

Release Date: February 20 2007

Track Listing:

1. Alpha
Produced by Theory Hazit for Prosperous Productions
Cuts by DJ 1 God for Joined at the Hip Ministries

2. J@TH
Produced by Shawn for LostBeatz Productions

3. Chop it Up ft. Torch
Produced by Fatherz Child for J. Reed Ministries
Chopped by DJ Primo

4. Feels So Good
Produced by Roc for WatchUrBak Productions

5. Kingdom Grindin' ft. Tha G.I.M.
Produced by Decadez for Bay Area Entertainment

6. Call on You ft. Damon O'
Produced by DJ Triumph

7. The Real CHRISTmas Story
Produced by Statz for SnookieMellow Productions

8. Hold Up!! ft. DJ 1 God
Produced by "B" for 4Sight Sounds

9. It's Sin
Produced by Len for LENstrumentals 

10. I Press ft. Damon O'
Produced by Octavia Harris for Music 4 the Soul Ministries

11. Up in Here ft. JB Real
Produced by Jirah Adams for J-Soul Productions

12. V Club (That's Whassup!)
Produced by J. Lynn James for Egghead Productions

13. Language of Love ft. Shekinah
Produced by Roc for WatchUrBak Productions

14. Tha Headbanga
Produced by Theory Hazit for Prosperous Productions

15. Snapshots (The Process of Progress)
Produced by Omari for Spectacular Productions

16. The Red Sea Experience
Produced by Todd W. Rogers for RWT Productions

17. Omega
Produced by J. Lynn James for Egghead Productions