Okay, you might have heard a thing or two about this already, but yes, it's true! Pettidee is releasing his next record with Beatmart on May 8th with all new joints that have never seen the light of day. 

Of course, you also may have heard about a Pettidee record releasing through Word coming out this Tuesday. That is actually true, too!  However, it's a greatest hits record from everything he did before Thug Love when the album masters were purchased by this new company from his previous record label.

This new record that we're looking at today, entitled Resurrections: Past, Present, and Future, puts Petti out there in a whole new way. "Better than ever before" was the quote that was given from the master emcee himself.

Mark the date on your calendar for May 8th and make sure you pick up your new joint for the new record from Pettidee that he is most supporting in 2007!