APX, a Los Angeles Christian hip hop artist, is concerned about the state of mind in which the local youth are living with.  APX says “our youth is disenfranchised and disengaged to success because of the widespread deception that is taking place in all facets of our media driven culture. It is this passion for truth and integrity that APX is embarking on what is called THE FIGHTING DECEPTION CIRCUIT, during the month of February.

The Fighting Deception Circuit is a series of relevant youth forum discussions, hosted by various church organizations within the city of Los Angeles.  The circuit is designed to intentionally evaluate current cultural trends, expose the deception, and offer resolutions on how to build positive and wholesome habits that will counter the negative inclinations of today’s media.  The Circuit will culminate with a concert bash at the end of the month to celebrate the efforts of all who attend.

“My goal is to sit down with the youth and get serious about their walk with Christ and how they CAN live victoriously through God’s grace and the embodiment of the church.  I’d like to see those who come to the discussions get fired up and realize the call of Jesus through the Great Commission, which is the purpose for the end of the month CONCERT BASH on the 24th.  When they see and believe the freedom in Christ, I pray the youth feel the need to share with their friends and bring them to the concert on the 24th to offer their friends that same freedom and liberty in Christ.”

APX is currently a student at Haggard School of Theology in Azusa Pacific University, studying Theology and Ethics.  With the release of his debut solo album “Subtle Deception” it has been APX’s heart to share with the masses how God gave him liberty through some of the deceptions in his life.  Released in October 2006, APX has traveled the country promoting “Subtle Deception” with The Extreme Tour 2006 and also in Hawaii on a 12 day evangelistic crusade tour.